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Scientific studies make it clear: heated air is the most efficient and hygienic method of drying hands.

The patented XLERATOR® hand dryer uses a focused, high velocity heated air stream to dry hands – making it the cleanest, most hygienic hand dryer on the market.

Damp, used paper towels pile up in bathroom trash receptacles, creating environments in which bacteria can thrive.

Trough-style hand dryers catch and hold water blown off users' hands, leaving pools of stagnant water where bacteria can grow. The trough area is also susceptible to collecting trash and foreign objects such as gum, other liquids and hair creating a very unhygienic environment.

The XLERATOR dries hands completely in 10 to 15 seconds, leaving hands dry and the bathroom clean!


"Irrespective of the hand washing agent used, electric air drying produces the highest (and cloth the lowest) reduction in numbers of bacteria and viruses on washed hands."
– Ansari et al., 1991, American Journal of Infection Control

"[There is] no bacteriological reason to exclude [hand dryers] from the clinical areas."
– P.D. Meers and K.Y. Leong, 1989 letter to the Journal of Hospital Infection

"The blowing of warm air may lead to an accelerated dehydration of the skin surface, thereby affecting the viability [of microorganisms]. ... [Warm air] may penetrate all the crevices of the skin, whereas absorbent towels may not reach such areas, even though the skin appears dry."
– University of Ottowa researchers

"Unless paper towel waste is regularly cleaned [up], it can be a lasting source of bacteriological infection."
– European Cleaning, September 1994

"In a study of 100 people who volunteered to have their hands contaminated with bacteria, researchers found that hand washing got rid of the same amount of germs regardless of drying style."
– Dr. Franklin R. Cockerill III, 2000, Mayo Clinic Proceedings (75:705 - 708)

The Centers for Disease Control's 'Clean Hands Save Lives' hand washing guidelines direct: "Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry."

Paper towels containing residual bacteria, which are often thrown on the floor, leave waste for a custodian or maintenance person to clean up. With electric hand dryers, there's no waste for anyone to handle and no risk of spreading germs.

Hands-free, high-speed hand dryers have proven to be the leader in efficient, hygienic hand drying.

The XLERATOR is also leader in green restroom conversion. The XLERATOR was the first hand dryer to be GreenSpec listed and qualifies for several LEED credits.

For the most hygienic and environmentally friendly hand-drying solution, XLERATOR is the clear choice.

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