Excel Dryer is Made in USA Certified.Excel Dryer is Made in USA Certified.

XLERATOR® is the only hand dryer to be MADE IN USA Certified.

Made in USA Certification USA.c (SM) was established to represent manufacturers, producers, pharmaceutical, and service providers of the United States of America. The organization is dedicated to educating and promoting the quality, quantity and variety of United States industry to show why we need "Made in USA" manufactured products and services.

To learn more about what it means to be "Made in the USA" visit the Web site: http://www.madeinusacertified.com

Listen to what people are saying:

  • "Although I'm a native Chicagoan with love of World Dryers, I like the quickness of your XLERATOR, and pray they will soon have them in every public washroom!"

    - Roger in Chicago, IL
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